My Mexican Escapades

I was lucky enough to go on multiple excursions while on my Mexican adventure.

I did four in total and these were:

Boca Del Puma, Puerto Morelos


(The view from the first zip-line)


(The entrance to Boca Del Puma’s cenote)


(Boca Del Puma’s cenote)

Boca Del Puma is an Eco-Park which features zip-lining, ATV  driving and cenote (natural cave) swimming. This adventurous excursion is in the jungle, amongst the real nature Mexico has to offer.

There are numerous parks which offer similar excursions in Mexico but what drew me to Boca Del Puma was the fact that it was family-run. I believed this would lead to a more personalised experience and in that sense, I was correct. Group sizes are small, an essential factor for this type of excursion, so your not waiting around for others to finish the activities, before you are able to move on.

Zip-Lining – There are seven zip lines with varying heights and lengths. After climbing a fair amount of steps to get to the first zip-line, you are faced with an amazing view of the jungle, which at the same time makes you realise how high up you are (perfect for adrenaline junkies). Once you have completed the first ‘line’, the others aren’t so nerve-racking. The guides who are at the beginning and end of every zip-line are not only very professional, they really help to put your nerves at ease and make you feel as comfortable as possible.
My favourite part of the zip-lining experience was the ability to go upside down on the last line. You are in an ‘upside down monkey’ position, watching the breathtaking view of the jungle as you pass through it in the air.

ATV driving – You are able to go individually or in pairs on an ATV. I have been on ATV’s in Dubai and Egypt, but those experiences did not compare to this rocky adventure. The track used for the ATV ride is bumpy and challenging, due to being in the jungle, adding to the thrill of the ride. The track is quite muddy, so dress to get dirty. I would also recommend wearing sunglasses to avoid anything getting in your eyes.

Cenote – The cenote is an underground cave, which is quite small and enclosed. If you are claustrophobic, this part of the excursion is not for you. Your group will be lead by one of the guides into the cenote, where you are able to jump or walk in to the crystal clear waters. The guide will take you through the cenote, providing you with some background knowledge on cenote’s, which are found all over Mexico. The cenote is also a perfect picture spot (which I obviously took advantage of lol).

I would recommend this excursion if you are looking for an adventurous/exhilarating experience amongst nature during your stay in Mexico.

Rio Secreto, Playa Del Carmen

5 (2).jpg


Rio Secreto is a stunning natural underground cave with tunnels, underground passageways, caverns and rock formations.

I was immediately sold on this trip by the sheer beauty of the pictures, from the clear turquoise water, to the crystallised stalagmites. Words cannot describe how beautiful it is in real life, I was literally in awe.

You are taken step-by-step through the ‘crystal museum’ cave by your professional guide. Group sizes are small, between six and eight people, which makes for a more personalised experience.
The guide my group had (Miguel) was incredibly knowledgeable and informative. He had the answers to any questions we, as a group had. I left taking lots of facts and information about the caves and geological formations away with me.

During the tour, you are able to walk, swim and climb in to the beautiful blue waters of limestone filtered water. Visiting Rio Secteto really allows you to see the true beauty of the intricate caves, which are naturally formed underneath the jungle.

I would definitely recommend Rio Secreto if you are looking for a cultural and informative excursion with a thrilling twist during your trip.

Ventura Park, Cancun – 



(AaahVentura’s bungee swing)


(Dophinaris – a view of the dolphin enclosure)

Ventura Park is unlike any other theme park you will have encountered – it’s like five parks in one. The park consists of;

AaahVentura – This part of the park is for the adrenaline junkies. AaahVentura features a bungee swing, hanging ariel bridges, crazy zip-lines and more. I was in my element here, really pushing my boundaries trying the bungee swing, which was terrifying, but definitely worth it!

Wetn’Wild – This is the water park that Ventura Park features. I found that it was a perfect break from being in the sun after enjoying the other parts of the park. Wetn’wild not only has a variety of watersides with varying heights and lengths (which I loved), there is a lazy river, wave pool and an area for the kids.

Grand Prix & Fun World – This is where you are able to race all of your family and friends with a view of the beach and ride Cancun’s only roller coaster.

Futuristic Arcade – The arcade is slightly different from the norm as it includes an array of futuristic attractions, which really adds to the uniqueness of the park. There is plenty of games to choose from, whether it be the laser tanks (a new take on bumper cars – if you get shot, you spin), The Mission (a high-stakes heist through a grid of motion-detecting lasers) or VRevolution (a virtualiser which allows you to run, jump, walk and crawl from a stationary position).

Dolphinaris – You also have the opportunity to swim with the dolphins at Ventura Park. There are packages to solely swim with the dolphins or to visit the Park and swim with the dolphins, which is what I chose. I was lucky enough to be able to swim with the dolphins, just my partner and I. This exclusive experience was amazing and was definitely my favourite part of the day at Ventura Park. I was able to interact and swim with the dolphins, as well as, learn all about them (diet, behavioural patterns, etc) through the incredibly knowledgeable dolphin trainer.

I would recommend Ventura Park for couples, small groups and families alike. There is literally something for everyone here, whether it be ‘Wetn’Wild’ for the kids, the ‘Futuristic Arcade’ for the gamers, or Dolphinaris for the whole family to enjoy.

Mayapan Tequila Distillery/Chichen Itza,



(The agave plant)



I was lucky enough to visit the Mayapan Tequila Distillery and Chichen Itza with a private excursion through a company called ‘Happy Shuttle’. Rather than having a coach full of others, my trip consisted of my partner and I accompanied only by the driver. The drive to Yucatan was two and a half hours long, so having the private transfer really was the icing on the cake. We are able to spend as long as we wanted at each of the places, without the worry of time. Even small things such as toilet stops (and there was plenty), were easily accommodated, which really made a difference.

Visiting the Mayapan Tequila Distillery was not part of the excursion, it was a spur of the moment trip, as it was on the way to Chichen Itza. The driver informed me that they make tequila here using original methods, without modern machinery. How could I pass up an opportunity to try some tequila? When you arrive, the first thing you see are the rows of plants resembling a form of cactus, known as the agave plant (pictured above), which hold the tequila. You then walk in to the gift shop which sell a variety of tequilas, agave (a natural form of sweetener) and honey. You are given a tour of the distillery by a guide who takes you step-by-step through the tequila making process. At the end of the tour, you are able to try out a variety of tequila’s, which are all 45% alcohol. I definitely had my fair share, and left feeling a little tipsy.

Chichen Itza, a wonder of the world, has been on my bucket list forever. The Kukulkan pyramid is a jaw-droppingly amazing piece of architecture. I had a personal guide who walked me through Chichen Itza, so I was able to see the other archaeological sites, as well as the pyramid, which all carry traces from the Mayan culture. It was really mind-opening learning about the Mayan culture as there are so many similarities with other cultures from around the world.

I would recommend this excursion to anyone who is interested in seeing a wonder of the world while in Mexico, and who would like the opportunity to learn about Mayan culture and history.

All in all, I hope this post was informative and useful to you all. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions on the excursions mentioned, or holiday-ing in Mexico in general.

(Please excuse the quality of some of the pictures, they were taken with my iPhone 6. Better pictures will come for the next trip!)

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