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Ma Petite Jamaica is located in the heart of Camden Town, London. A bright, colourful restaurant with a tropical feel on Inverness Street. As I approached it, it took me right back to the feeling I’ve previously had in the vibrant streets of the Caribbean. From the palm tree style umbrella tables, to the Jamaica flag themed walls with Bob Marley’s lyrics lacing them, you are whisked away from the cold streets of London awaiting you. All of this added to the sweet sounds of reggae music lightly playing in the background and the smell of the cooking food filling the air perfectly blends and adds to the feeling of being in Jamaica.

After visiting Jamaica five times and falling in love with the country and culture, this restaurant looked right up my street.




Upon arrival, the smiley waitress lead me to my table without any hesitation. I visited on a Sunday evening and although the restaurant was busy, it wasn’t uncomfortably rammed. However, I have been made aware, on Friday and Saturday evenings, it is essential to book a table, to avoid disappointment.

Looking at the food menu was a pleasant surprise due to the massive variety. Whether you are a meat eater, pescetarian or vegetarian, there is something for everyone at Ma Petite Jamaica. Meat and fish from the ‘jerk pit’, a choice of filled roti’s, Jamaican fried chicken and all of the Caribbean favourites are on offer here.
The drink menu is also extensive. There is a number of spirits, cocktails and soft drinks to choose from. I tried a raspberry daiquiri which was not only absolutely delicious, the bartender definitely did not hold out on the rum (how a cocktail should be).

I ordered a selection of food to really get a feel of the food here. I am a regular visitor to Caribbean restaurants and eater of home-cooked Caribbean food, so I would say I am a decent judge of authenticity. The images as follows illustrate the food I ordered;


Jerk-Pit meal – 1/4 jerk chicken, rice and peas, plantain and coleslaw


Red snapper meal – red snapper fish, basmati rice and sauteed vegetables,


Jerk Wings


Salt-fish fritters

Once I had ordered, the food took about forty minutes to come. As I was able to see the chef cooking up a storm from my seat, I didn’t mind waiting for freshly cooked food.

All in all, Ma Petite Jamaica is a lovely restaurant for couples, families, small and larger groups alike. From the large selection of food on offer, the authentic taste, the helpful staff, to the tropical island vibes of the restaurant; I was very impressed with my experience here. The restaurant stays true to the name, really giving customers the chance to feel as though they have taken a trip to the beautiful island of Jamaica throughout their visit.

What’s your favourite Carribean restaurant? Let me know in the comments below.

Ma Petite Jamaica’s Website –


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