My Summer ‘Add-Ons’

This post will show you a few summer accessories that I’m loving at the moment. These ‘add-ons’ really help to provide the finishing touches and some ‘oomph’ to any summer outfit.

Handbag – 


(Zara, £.29.99)

Ok, to start, I LOVE the colour of this bag – it is the perfect pastel grey. I adore pastel shades, especially in the summer, as they really brighten up your outfit and add a clean, crisp touch. This bag is perfect for everyday wear as it is medium sized with the capacity to fit all of your handbag essentials. The best thing about it though, is the affordable price tag.

Clutch –


(Coast, £50)

I love this clutch to dress up ANY outfit. Due to the silver embellishments, it literally goes with everything. While this clutch is sophisticated and elegant, it still gives your outfit some ‘bling’. I like to pair it with a super casual outfit which the clutch dresses up or an evening dress which the clutch compliments.

Cropped Bomber Jacket – 


(Missguided, £25)

This bomber jacket is the perfect shade of metallic-ish nude. I say ‘ish’ as it isn’t a full on metallic shade, it has just the right amount of sheen to make the bomber ‘pop’. I particularly like the colour of this jacket as it isn’t as common as the average khaki or black. As I’m only five foot tall, this jacket fits like a normal bomber would, as opposed to being cropped. I love to pair this with a white top and jeans for a casual day ‘slay’.

Leather Jacket – 


(Zara, £39.99)

I know, I know, we’ve all seen this leather jacket plastered all over Instagram this year, but I just can’t help but love it. I didn’t want to like it so much and really held back on buying it but it literally goes with everything. I love wearing this jacket with my summer dresses or to add a ‘pop of colour’ to any summer outfit.

Sandals – 


(Topshop, £32)

These are the perfect flat sandals to wear throughout the summer; from the colour to how comfortable they are. I’ve worn them while walking around for a full day and have had no problems with blisters or foot aches. I love to wear bright colours and to pair my outfits with tan/brown accessories. Tassles are definitely in right now, and they add some edge to an otherwise plain shoe.

Platform Heeled Sandals – 


(New Look, £24.99)

I love these heeled sandals. I can walk in them for hours and not have the dreaded foot ache that wearing heels brings. Similar to the sandals above, the colour of these heeled sandals go with everything. If I were to take one pair of heels on holiday with me, these would be it. They’re comfortable, stylish (two words not regularly associated with each other) and high enough for a shorty like myself to feel tall.

Statement Necklace – 


(Primark, £8)

I love statement necklaces as they really accentuate and dress up a plain outfit. This necklace in particular goes with everything and the jewel-like embellishments make it look much more expensive then it actually is. Necklaces similar to this often look tacky or cheap, but this one doesn’t. I like to pair it with a black outfit as the contrast between the black and the diamante necklace really ‘pop’. The affordable price-tag also makes me like it even more, (I’m unashamedly an avid bargain hunter).

Sunglasses – 


(Dolce and Gabbana, £135)

I purchased these bad boys recently and I can’t stop wearing them. I’ve never bought sunglasses with this frame colour or shape before. They seem to go with my hair colour (full-head ash blonde highlights), without clashing with it. They’re perfect for the day-after-the-night-before situations, looking pretty on a beach, or just a regular sunny day. There are a range of cat-eye shape sunglasses on the market at the moment and I think that they’re flattering for most face shapes.

Nail Varnish – 


(Sally Hansen, £6.99)

As I’ve mentioned above, I think pastel shades are perfect for the summer; especially on the nails. They suit all skin complexions and give nails a classy ‘pop of colour’. Don’t be afraid to try pastel colours ladies (and gents!) These particular nail polishes are extremely long lasting and apply very evenly. I’m currently wearing the grey shade and I’ve had so many compliments while wearing it.

Perfume – 


(Viktor and Rolf – Flowerbomb, £58 and Yves Saint Laurent – Manifesto, £69)

These two perfumes are perfect for the summer. I love girly, sweet scents, that are still sophisticated and stylish. They are both very long-lasting and can be worn day and night. Perfume always provides the finishing touch to any outfit.
Thank you so much for reading.
I’d love to know what some of your favourite add-on’s for the summer are!



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