Richmond Ephesus, Izmir, Turkey

I stayed at the Richmond Ephesus Resort in Kusadasi, Turkey, for five nights, at the beginning of September. This is an all-inclusive resort for families, groups (small and large) and couples alike. In my opinion, it is the perfect resort for a European break, providing all the facilities you may need, without having to leave the hotel (if you don’t want to).




Richmond Ephesus is set in a beautiful complex with lots of greenery and nature surrounding it. The colourful plants add a vibrant and colourful feel to the grounds which have a ‘feel good’ vibe while your walking through them. They are also well maintained and preened to perfection.

The ‘gardens’ throughout the hotel feature bean bags, sun loungers and hammocks for those who prefer to be on the grass, which is a nice touch. They also offer guests alternate scenic views other than those of the beach and pools.


DSC03714 (2).JPG



The rooms at Richmond Ephesus Resort offer sea or garden views. I stayed in a ‘double room’ with sea views, which is ‘no frills’ but still modern and clean with a neat layout.

The bed is one of the most comfortable I have ever slept in and the air conditioning unit, the most efficient. The room features a mini fridge which is stocked daily with water, Fanta and Coke – a refreshing touch especially after a long day soaking up the sun. There is also a flat-screen TV in all rooms – while I was there they had a channel that showed Rom-Coms every evening, I couldn’t ask for anything better!

The room is quite dimly lit; perfect for creating a romantic setting, but not quite so when your trying to do your make-up (or take selfies) in the evening.
The bathroom however, makes up for this, with excellent lighting. The bathroom is clean and spacious with the most powerful shower EVER! I looked forward to my daily showers which doubled as a mini massage.

Swimming &/ Water Facilities:

(The main pool)


(The quiet pool)


(The slide pool)

The hotel hosts three swimming pools. The largest swimming pool (the main pool), is where the entertainment takes place and is located in the middle of the hotel complex. This pool has numerous sun loungers surrounding it and is a lot busier than the ‘quiet pool’. It is an ideal location for those with kids as there is a small slide and music to keep them entertained. For those who are looking for an upbeat, lively stay, this is also the pool for you.

The newest, named the quiet pool, is where I spent most of my time during my stay. The view, overlooking the beach, is exceptional from here. The sun beds are new and made of a woven material unlike the usual uncomfortable plastic ones. This pool area is quiet and relaxing; giving you the opportunity to enjoy the thirty odd degree sun in peace.

Additionally, there is also a pool with three slides which are a great addition for both adults and children alike. I was a big kid throughout my stay and had lots of fun on the slides. The hotel is quiet at this time of year so I had them to myself on most occasions.

The Beach:



The hotel overlooks a beautiful, private, white sandy beach, which is only a few steps away from the quiet pool and beach bar. I was pleasantly surprised upon first impression as I wasn’t expecting it to be so nice (such a snob, right?). The beach has plenty of sun loungers for guests to use and has an open-aired shaded section in the middle of the stretch too. It is clean, spacious and regardless of how many guests are on the beach, it never seems crowded.

Food &/ Drink:

There is one main buffet restaurant which hosts breakfast, lunch and dinner, an afternoon snack restaurant and two (Italian and Turkish) a-la-carte restaurants.
There are five bars around the resort serving both alcoholic and non- alcoholic beverages and hot drinks throughout the day, as well as, Richmond’s wine bar providing a sophisticated ambience for guests to enjoy.

The main buffet restaurants serves a mixture of Turkish and international cuisines. They also have an outside area where they cook fresh pasta with your choice of ingredients and sauces in a wok, barbecued meats and an array of other dishes at lunch and dinner.
For those who aren’t so hot on eating ‘foreign’ cuisines, there are fries, burgers and similar finger foods available at lunch and dinner here. My favourite thing about this restaurant is the large assortment of different salads, dips, cold meats and fish (Mediterranean specialities).

The afternoon snack restaurant is perfect when your looking for a snack in-between lunch and dinner. It is located outside, therefore, you are able to wear your swimming attire here. They serve hot food such as, burgers, fries, hot dogs, grilled cheese, as well as, salads, cakes, fruits, etc.

There is an ‘ice-cream hour’ between 4pm-5pm where ice-cream in assorted flavours is served. This is a nice touch but it would have been nice to be able to have it whenever you wanted.

Sports &/ Entertainment:

There are many sports and entertainment options at Richmond Ephesus to keep you entertained – from tennis, table tennis, squash, mini golf, water sports, the list goes on. Also, the entertainment team has scheduled daily activities that guests are invited to join in for, including football tournaments.

For the night owls, evening entertainment starts at 9pm, however, it is mostly in Turkish. Regardless, I found it entertaining as you can still get the gist of what is going on.

To sum up, I had an amazing stay at Richmond Ephesus. I wanted a trip to simply relax and recuperate and that is exactly what I got and more.

As there are so many options for entertainment at Richmond, you can tailor your stay to fit your requirements, whether it be a quiet break in the sun, a kids holiday or a fun group getaway. I personally didn’t need to leave the hotel as all of my needs were catered to at the resort.

Let me know of any hotel gems you know, I’m always on the lookout to book my next getaway!

You can find out more about Richmond Ephesus at their;
*Website –
*Facebook – Richmond Ephesus Resort

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