Vegan döner kebab?

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First off, I know what your thinking. Vegan döner kebab?
What is it and how does it taste?

This was my first reaction too.

I initially heard of the vegan döner kebab through my cousin who is a vegetarian interested in veganism. She found it through an app called ‘Happy Cow’ (an online vegetarian restaurant guide) and was pleased to say the least with her new, ‘delicious’ find.

As a meat eater, I was sceptical.
I mean, how can a döner kebab taste good without meat, right?

I needed to try out this unique food experience for myself!

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Located in the heart of Shoreditch High Street (London), within ‘The Pump’, which hosts a variety of food stalls, lies ‘What The Pitta’.
‘What The Pitta’ serves vegan döner kebabs, vegan baklava and organic soft drinks.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by two friendly gentlemen. One served customers while the other freshly prepared the bread for the kebab. I was pleasantly surprised by this. It’s not everyday that the bread which makes up your kebab is made to order, while you watch.

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Now, for the interesting part.
The döner kebab ‘meat’ is actually made up of non-GMO (genetically modified) cruelty-free soya. It has been marinated in fifteen different herbs and spices before being served in the kebab.
Alongside the ‘meat’ is a range of salad options, as well as, vegan Tzatziki and Sriracha hot chilli sauce.



I decided to have all of the salad options and both sauces in my kebab.

My verdict?
The kebab was delicious!
I was worried it may be somewhat gimmicky but it is actually richer in flavour than a regular döner kebab, as the soya ‘meat’ is marinated in herbs and spices.
The ‘meat’ does have a slightly different texture to döner meat, however, it tastes really good.
I particularly liked the bread too – it was fresh, aromatic and filling.
The kebab is also quite large, I was full for HOURS afterwards!
All in all, the mixture of the meat, salad and sauces bind together really well to form a succulent, tasty and wholesome kebab.

Rating – 8.5/10.

I would definitely recommend What The Pitta’s vegan döner kebab to anyone looking to try a new and exciting food dish that will for sure tickle your taste buds.

If you know any unique food places in or around London comment them below, I’d love to try them out!

Priyaa Sophia

You can also find out more information about ‘What The Pitta’ on their Instagram page – @whatthepitta

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