Winter Must Have: Khaki Jackets


(Khaki Jacket – Pretty Fashion)

Now that winter is actually here, wearing a jacket is a must! Unfortunately, mismatched jackets can sometimes ruin an outfit you’ve spent ages putting together.

How do you stay warm, look trendy and choose a jacket that can be worn with multiple outfits you ask?
I’ve found that wearing a khaki jacket really adds the finishing touch to most winter outfits. Whether your wearing white, black or denim – khaki matches well with most colours. It’s also a wearable, alternative colour from the usual black or navy.

Jackets can sometimes work out to be quite expensive, so I would recommend having one statement piece that goes with everything. As khaki is in fashion at the moment, wearing a khaki coloured jacket over any outfit, makes you an on-trend fashionista, without you even trying!

Here I show you two ways in which I style my khaki jackets;

The first way (pictured above) – I’ve opted for an all black outfit, with a statement gold necklace and my khaki bomber jacket. I particularly like the black cuffs and the zip detailing on this bomber, both of which give it some ‘edge’. The jacket adds some well needed colour to this outfit, with the khaki really poppin’ against the black clothing. As it is more casual, this khaki jacket can literally be thrown over any outfit.

The second way (pictured below) – I’ve chosen a plain white top, denim mid-wash jeans, a gold statement necklace (yes, they’re my fav accessory), a smart khaki jacket and some khaki boots. I think the boots and the jacket are a really good colour match and finish this otherwise plain outfit off nicely. This jacket is more fitted and structured so it can be used, as I’ve done, to dress up an outfit.


(Khaki Jacket – Zara)

Priyaa Sophia

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