Icon Balcony Bar’s Cocktail Masterclass


Ever wanted to learn how to make cocktails like a pro?

Never fear, Icon Balcony Bar’s Cocktail Masterclasses are here to help amateurs, (like me), learn how to mix cocktails like a mixologist.

I love finding new experiences and things to do in London. Discovering the art of mixology and learning how to make the perfect cocktail in this 90-minute masterclass is just what I was looking for.

Icon Balcony Bar is located within Empire Casino in London’s Leicester Square. It resides in the perfect location, with stylish décor, a great drinks selection AND is close to all the action of the capital.

icon 2.jpg

There is a warm, welcoming vibe about Icon Balcony Bar and I loved the calm, luxurious ambience upon entering. Looking around, the bar was busy, but not too busy, with plenty of spaced out seating inside and on the terrace directly overlooking Leicester Square, outside.

We were greeted by the bartender who would be teaching our masterclass. He let us know that we would be learning to make three festive cocktails in aid of the Christmas season. He would make each of the cocktails first and then it would be our turn to make our own.


(In the midst of making a cocktail)

First up was the Winter Espresso Martini.
As you can probably guess, this cocktail is definitely for the coffee lovers. The taste of the freshly brewed espresso is complimented by cinnamon syrup and vanilla Smirnoff. The cinnamon sugar rim on the martini glass really finishes off this cocktail, giving it a sweet, festive kick. The bartender says of all the cocktails, this is the love or hate one off of the winter menu.

Next, we made a Hot Buttered Rum.
Looking at this cocktail on the menu, I wasn’t sure about it. It includes butter and honey which aren’t your average cocktail ingredients. However, I was very wrong. The first taste is quite strange but the cocktail has a wholesome, festive flavour. It is a smooth and comforting drink which is served warm – perfect after coming in from the cold outside.


(Showing off the Winter Espresso Martini and Hot Buttered Rum Cocktail that I made)

We finished off the masterclass with a Winter Cookie.
This was my favourite of the three cocktails. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the cocktail for you! I loved the mix of the vanilla essence, Baileys and Kahlúa which makes a creamy, mouthwatering cocktail. It literally tastes like an edible version of the Winter Cookie Yankee Candle. This cocktail is definitely a creeper as it tastes like a milkshake; a couple of these and you’ll be singing home.


(Winter Cookie Cocktail)

Moreover, I have to say, the bartender really made this cocktail masterclass as enjoyable as it was. He was engaging and patient, answered all of our questions and provided assistance with making our own cocktails throughout – all while teaching a fun and entertaining masterclass.

All in all, this masterclass is the perfect opportunity for a group night out, a gift, a date or even to treat your mum too. Great fun and a laugh is guaranteed, while you shake, mix, muddle and most importantly, drink three cocktails (or mocktails), designed by Icon Balcony Bar’s expert bartenders.
For £29.50pp, whats not to love?

Priyaa Sophia

Icon Balcony Bar
Address – 5-6 Leicester Square,London, WC2H 7NA
Telephone – 020 3582 0733
Website – http://www.thecasinolsq.com/bars/icon-balcony-bar
Nearest Station –  Leicester Square


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