How does being locked in a room, with a group of your choice, for a 60 minute team bonding experience that will put your logic and friendship to the test, sound to you?

clueQuest, located in London’s Kings Cross, is a custom-built teamwork game venue requiring players to solve mysteries and escape from a locked room. clueQuest operates nine rooms with over 85,000 customers having completed their missions.


At clueQuest, you need to help Mr Q save the world from villains and devices in a thrilling puzzle solving race against time. Teams of 3-5 players can pick between three available missions:

  • PLAN52 which is Mr Q’s secret office.
  • Operation BlackSheep which unfolds in the office of Mr Q’s arch-enemy, Professor BlackSheep.
  • Revenge of the Sheep which follows the Professor’s new evil plan to end mankind.

I can’t reveal too much about my time at clueQuest as it will spoil the experience for future game players. I will however, tell you as much as I can, without telling you too much (lol).

My logic and problem solving skills were really put to the test at clueQuest. Having a good team (which I did) is a must, as working together, patience and attention to detail are absolutely crucial in order to complete your task successfully.

Each player has an important role in their mission. No matter what your intelligence level, this game is about using teamwork and common-sense logic to gather clues and solve the puzzles. A successful group will work like a well oiled machine – each bringing their best skills to the table. My team and I literally completed PLAN52 by the skin of our teeth!

I love that clueQuest actually makes ‘thinking’ fun. During your time at clueQuest, your brain will no doubt be challenged, but in a refreshing way.
As soon as we saw the 60 minute timer start ticking, my team and I each felt a huge rush of adrenaline. You’d be surprised what puzzles you can solve when the surge of the adrenaline kicks in.

Quick tip – The key to completing any of clueQuest’s missions is to think outside of the box – which can be easier said than done. Most of the puzzle pieces are right in front on your eyes, you just have to allow your mind not think as literally as it is used to.

The clueQuest experience itself is very unique, hands-on and incredibly well thought out. I left feeling pumped and exhilarated; having completed our mission while bonding with my siblings (who were my team mates) in the process of doing so. When walking into clueQuest, I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. Now that I’ve been once, I’m already planning my next visit to try my luck at another mission.

All in all, if you’re looking for a group activity, where you can indulge in some brain-teasing fun, clueQuest is the place for you!

Priyaa Sophia

Address – 169-171 Caledonian Rd, London N1 0SL
Telephone – 07770 071577
Website –
Nearest Station –  Kings Cross


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